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as someone pointed out to me last night, I'm not that much of a LJ junkie when it comes to posting stuff... mainly because recently my weekends have been ruled by work...

Monday mornings come and I like coming on here to read what everyone has been up to... It proves to be quite a read.

This weekend was alike many others. I worked on Saturday and Sunday. Although I did go out on friday night (I finished work at 10 and started again at 1pm on saturday) Rach, Soph, Michael and I all went into Kings Cross Hotel. It was fun. Bloody cold though. Much drink and other things was had by some... not for those designated to be the driver home. But still I had a good time. I dont know what it is about that place but it has a good atmosphere, the people there are all pretty laid back and you dont get the pretentious wankers that you get at so many other places in the city.

We got up after minimal "sleep" on saturday morning and went for our traditional scattered/hungover breakfast down along the beach at dee why. It was rather nice. Although it was funny when Rach started freaking out because the waitress kept on asking the people next to us whether the hash was all that they forgot. LOL *thinks* it was quiet funny the look on her face.

Actually... now that i think about it I did go out after work on saturday night. It was Estelle's 21st at Pittwater RSL.. Some said it was lucky that I got there late. The party itself was alright I suppose if your into all that pop music... But what I liked was seeing all of my friends that I havent seen for AGES. Many since my birthday (i dont have all that clear memories of that night anyway) It was good to see them all again, definitely have to do a big catch up thing. Its funny I remember when every friday and saturday night we all used to go and drink somewhere, every week. Then maybe 1 or 2 people would drop out on it but as time moved on we no longer have anything like that. Not even for birthday's anymore. Hmmmm thats life I suppose :-|

I did have plans for sunday after i finished work... but then Manly lost yet again and I bought beer. Dad came to visit and had a beer with me and then they left and I continued to drink beer alone until Matt finished work and bought round Pizza and then we had a beer together..

Oh the excitement of my life :P

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